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Mini Micro Bikinis
By: Matt Garrett


Of late, the already tiny micro bikinis have actually been getting smaller in the bikini's continuous journey of shrinkage. The trend actually began with the top piece, but after shrinking the top so much that it barely covers the nipples, bikini manufacturers have now moved on to reducing the size of the bottom piece.

So you get the following styles: slingshot bikini, mini bikini, teardrop bikini, mini-mini bikini, micro bikini, thong bikini, sexy bikini and, what could be called a double thong G-string bikini' the mini micro bikinis

Mini Micro Bikinis

Basically, these are what you might call extreme bathing suits' designed to cover only the minimum parts of your body. Supposedly patterned along the lines of garments worn by tribal peoples in various warm climates, micro bikinis typically possess the following features:

Narrow thong or G-string bottomed bathing suit
Very narrow strips of material that cover only the genitals

Fashion observers believe the mini micro originated to combat anti-nudity legislation passed in some states in the 1970s. Initially, the homemade bathing suits were nothing more than leftover pieces of fabric, sewn together with thin twine or fishing line. Inevitably, local shops picked up on the idea and began to make more practical styles using modern materials.

These bikinis serve a double purpose.

a. They adhere to the barest norms of decency, so you can't actually throw legislation at the wearer
b. They titillate, and how!

Rules you must obey

Obviously, to flaunt your assets, you need to make sure they look pretty darned good. Here's where waxing plays such an important role.

If you go for Brazilian waxing, you are opting for complete removal of hair from your anus, perineum and vulva, basically, the bikini line. This is the most extreme form of bikini waxing.
Not wishing to lay spoilsport, the pain involved with this procedure can be acute and continue for quite some time. However, you may feel that the result is worth the discomfort.

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